1906 BUSINESS LETTER – Monongahela House, Pittsburgh, PA


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For sale is an original 1906 BUSINESS LETTER from Mr. Trimmer, Monongahela House, Pittsburgh, PA. The letter addressed to Frerker & Brothers & Company, Duluth, Minnesota, states that wines samples have already been provided to through Hotel Spalding to Mr. Lanigan and Mr. Williams. Further that these are the only samples promised to your city. Nice try Duluth! This original antique business letter is in excellent condition.

The Monongahela House was built in 1839 at the corner of Smithfield and Water Street (now Fort Pitt Boulevard) along the downtown riverfront. It was Pittsburgh’s first modern-day hotel and one of city’s grandest for many years. The hotel became a popular stop-over for many of Pittsburgh’s famous guests, including several who held the office of President of the United States of America. The Monongahela House also played a significant role as part of the historic Underground Railroad.

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